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So today my best friend, after gym class, was just kind of talking to herself. Well we were playing frisbee and we had lost 3-1 because the other team was cheating. So back in the locker room she was talking to herself. Our lockers are in a packed area and she muttered under her breath, before she even though about it, “that bitch can go cut herself.” And I mean my friends and I always joke about that stuff and say like,”gurl stop or I’m going to cut you” or we tell each other to go cut ourselves and so she meant no harm by saying it nor did she actually mean to say it, but it starts a huge bitch fight among our gym class. This one girl, who everybody can’t stand because she is just terrible to be around (we all know someone like that right? Lol) well she was like you can’t say that what if she goes home and does that? And everybody else took my friends side and said she didn’t mean to say it and the bitch fight continues, so I left. My friend is a good person who has never gotten in trouble, and she didn’t mean any harm by saying that and this proves how if you say one thing to someone it’s okay, but if you say it to someone else it’s taken out of context. (Btw my friend apologized to the girl she said it about)

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